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HSM1-12.18.13 Двигатель


Гибридный синхронный двигатель HSM1-12.18.13: 125 kW, 250 Nm

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Производитель Brusa

The HSM1-12.18.13 is characterized by a high power density as well as by a constant power over a very high speed range. It can be produced in large quantities. Originating in large quantity production series HSM1-12.18.13 is fully validated and automotive-compliant.

The HSM1-12.18.13 is at the A-sample stage.


  • Durable design:
    fully validated and automotive-compliant
  • Originating from large quantity production series
  • Exciting driving experience thanks to HSM topology
  • Constant power across a wide speed range
  • Excellent power density and overall efficiency
  • Low torque-ripple and drag losses 
With inverter DMC534 at 360 VDC  
Nominal speed 4'800 rpm
Continuous torque 180 Nm
Max. torque 250 Nm
Continuous power 90 kW
Max. power 125 kW
Max. speed 11'400 rpm
Efficiency 96 %
Weight 52.0 kg
Dimensions 383 x 359 x 280 mm