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Радары для беспилотных транспортных средств

ARS 404-21 Радар


ARS 404-21 "Entry" Long Range Radar (Far field radar sensor) 77 GHz

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Производитель Continental

Continental Engineering Services offers a new type of radar sensor, the ARS 404, as a possible adaption in different applications and as entry version to the 40X Radar Sensor series.

  • Simple anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description (particularly autonomous)
  • Headway control also for far field (vehicles of every description as cranes, construction machinery, fork lifts, tractors, harvester combines….particularly autonomous as AGV, special transporter, module transporter…)
  • Collision avoidance cranes of every description e.g. STS, RTG, RMG, overhead cranes,gantry cranes…
  • Area monitoring system for far field, e.g. of hazardous or non-accessible areas
  • Unremarkable object detection by affix a protection cover before it
  • Classification of objects (> 120 single cluster)
  • Object detection, e.g. in confusing or unclear areas
  • General distance and speed monitoring
  • Road traffic technology e.g. parking area surveillance
  • Rail traffic technology, approximation aid for bumper 

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