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Радары для беспилотных транспортных средств

SRR 208-2 Радар


SRR 208 Short Range Radar Sensor (Close-up range radar sensor) 24 GH

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Производитель Continental
  • Simple anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description (particularly autonomous)
  • Range monitoring and headway control up to 50 m distance, e.g. of hazardous or non-accessible areas as blind spot and environment recognition at vehicles of every description as mining vehicles, construction machinery, fork lifts, tractors, harvester combines (particularly autonomous as AGV, special transporter, module transporter…) and aircrafts of every description
  • Collision avoidance cranes of every description e.g. STS, RTG, RMG, overhead cranes, gantry cranes…
  • Classification of objects and access monitoring
  • Unremarkable object detection by affix a protection cover (secondary surface) before it
  • General distance and speed monitoring
  • Object detection, e.g. in confusing or unclear areas
  • Road Traffic technology, e.g. traffic light and loading ramp approximation recognition, area and access control
  • Rail traffic technology, approximation aid for bumper