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DTSO1-096 Одиночная трансмиссия


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Производитель Brusa


BRUSA Elektronik AG offers a specially designed gearbox for their drivetrain set. The compact design of the transmission in combination with the powerful motor results in a highly efficient power set for electric vehicles. The drivetrain unit DTSO1-096 can be used on the front, the rear axle or as a four-wheel. The gearbox is equipped with a mechanical differential and an optional parking lock is also available. BRUSA motors in combination with the offset gearbox make sure that as much torque as possible reaches the road. In conjunction with our high power converters, that guarantee top performance with the patented SoftSwing® topology, ambitious all-wheel and torque vectoring scenarios can be realized.

Type Axle drive
Max. power Up to 150 kW
Drive torque Up to 270 Nm
Gear ratio 1:9.59
Weight (depending on the motor type) 51.5/23.8 kg (motor/gear)
Speed Up to 13'000 rpm
Additional functions Mechanical differential, optional parking lock